West San Jose Illusions Take Girls D1 Slam Dunk Championship

D-1 Champs

The West San Jose Illusions pulled together and delivered a memorable win for the NJB D1 Slam Dunk Championship. This is the highest level for D1 division play. It was a fantastic season especially when considering the single loss to Foothill, and then defeating them in the finals. The loss was a turning point for increased dedication, practice attendance, and teamwork. Illusions drove hard the rest of the season, and posted very real scores and ranking as the team with the highest per game scoring average.

In the final week of the season during semis, the “Illusion” of winning became very real as they were down in the last quarter by 6 points.  8 minutes on the clock, posting 19 points and holding Los Gatos to one basket…marked a phenomenal comeback at 40-29. Illusions raising their game and coming out on top with a win was made possible by facing great teams and forcing girls to up their game. Momentous ending for the season playing a nail biter of a game and marking fantastic championship for the win at 37-33.

Coach Rocky Aroda and Coach Albert Lozano