West San Jose “Runnin’ Rebels” win Silicon Valley Championship 2nd Place

Wow what a season! The Runnin’ Rebels started off on a rough note going up against some of the toughest teams in the various leagues. With a “never give up” attitude all of the players continued to work together and improved their shooting just in time to go on a roll in the playoffs in the Full Court division. In their first game, they won handily against a Berryessa team 53 to 32. In the second round, they went up against a tough Saratoga team and won 55 to 51. In the North NJB Silicon Valley Championship game they took on another West San Jose Team (#7) and it was a wild game. Although their point guard went down with an angle injury after scoring on the first play, they were able to overcome to win the game 49 to 41. In the North vs South NJB Silicon Valley Championship game against a tough Willow Glen team, they were down 3 players due to injury and scheduling conflicts to start the game 6 points down. They were down in the 5th period by 9 but managed to come all the way back to take a 1 point lead with 19 seconds left. Willow Glen had a 1 and 1 and missed the free throw. Both teams scrambled for the ball and Willow Glen managed to make the basket with 5 seconds left to win the Championship game 42 to 41. To overcome so many obstacles and make it that far was an amazing feat by the Rebels. Although disappointed they couldn’t take it all, parents and coaches are so very proud of the accomplishments of the players. It was definitely a memorable season!

Names of players in photo from left to right (It was a bright day, so unfortunately plenty of squinting in the picture. Your preference of the 2.)

Pranav Hariharane / Lemuel Marucot Jr. / Nikhil Venkat / Coach Vince Dinh / Sashwath Sundher / Aaron Lopes / David Zhao

Rajath Rao / David Daniel / Nikita Dubinin / Nirav Adunuthula

Coach Vince

Running Rebels