Picture Day Saturday, January 9th 2016

Picture Day (All players other than NLP): On Saturday, January 9th 2016 from noon-5 PM at the Monroe MS Cafeteria is the West San Jose NJB Picture Day. WSJ NJB will provide a memory mate (team picture) to each player at no cost.

Where – Monroe MS Cafeteria

When – Saturday, January 9th, 2016 12:00 till 5 PM

  • Please arrive 30 minutes before your teams assigned slot
  • Please arrive in full black West San Jose NJB uniform with basketball shoes
  • Please bring cash for optional WSJ NJB merchandise purchases
    • $15 for dry fit short sleeve, $20 for long sleeve and $30 for extra-large and hoodies

Team schedule (Updated 01/09/2016 3 PM):

Photo Time Team Name Coach
12:15 PM Set Up Set Up
1:15 PM WSD1B01 Spencer Hoffman
1:18 PM WSD3G01 Chung Cheong
1:21 PM WSD2G02 Nick Nobriga
1:24 PM WSD2B03 Larry Crema / Shai Shahar
1:27 PM ROOKIES Campbell A 2-3pm
1:30 PM WSD1B05 Edgar Orozco
1:33 PM WSD1B04 Harman Singh
1:36 PM WSD2B05 Angelo Rubi
1:39 PM WSD3B07 Megan Villarreal/Naveen Kommareddi
1:42 PM WSD2G03 Mike Gomez
1:45 PM WSD1B03 George Guerra/Kevin Mitchell
1:48 PM WSB6B01 Tom Smith
1:51 PM WSD3B03 Scott Bassett
1:54 PM WSD2B10 Michael Tang
1:57 PM WSD2B06 Chris Brazelton
2:00 PM WSD2B01 Chris Brazelton
2:03 PM WSD1B06 Anthony Lee Pledge
2:06 PM WSD3B01 Rick Buellesbach
2:09 PM WSD3G02 Stephen Uriate
2:12 PM
2:15 PM WSD1B07 Don Welsh
2:18 PM WSD3B04 Ned Nix & Chris Familetti
2:21 PM WSD3B06 Tony Leong
2:24 PM WSD3B05 Sean Lazo/Sam Stingley
2:27 PM
2:30 PM WSD2B04 Mark Rienhart
2:33 PM WSD2G01 Deborah Steele
2:36 PM WSD1G01 Julianne Harrison
2:39 PM WSD1G02 Stephanie Shimada
2:42 PM WSD2B02 Patrick Waite
2:45 PM WSA6B01 Sammy Kahdir
2:48 PM WSA5B01 David Guthridge
2:51 PM ROOKIES Monroe A 9:30-11am
2:54 PM WSB5B01 Cedric Thomas
2:57 PM ROOKIES Monroe B 9:30-11am
3:00 PM ROOKIES Campbell A 12:30-2pm
3:03 PM ROOKIES Campbell B 12:30-2pm
3:06 PM WSD1B02 Brandon Hunt
3:09 PM WSD2B07 Eulalio Soto
3:12 PM WSB7B01 Craig Paulsen
3:15 PM WSD2B09 Nick Nobriga
3:21 PM ROOKIES Monroe B 8-9:30am
3:24 PM ROOKIES Campbell A 8-9:30am
3:27 PM ROOKIES Campbell B 8-9:30am
3:30 PM WSA8B01 Akshay Mani
3:33 PM WSD3B08 Desiree Briones
3:36 PM WSB8B01 Erin Hazard
3:39 PM WSD2B08 Matthew Watts
3:42 PM WSD3B02 Chris Cedro
3:45 PM WSA7B01 Dino Plancarte
3:48 PM ROOKIES Monroe A 8-9:30am Dino Plancarte


You can also download extra order forms at www.gCaseyPhotography.com click on “Order Now” then “League”. Our code is: WSJNJB2016.

The following coaches did not pick-up last years picture packages and those (last year) picture packages will be available for pick-up this Saturday (this year picture day):

Richard Cao, Micah Sipin, Pranav Kirti, Avi Pandit, Coach Pena, Michael Soebroto, Alay Adeen, Sethumadhav Permulalla, Nikhil Bapat, Coach Guerra, Coach Paulsen, Nick Guerra, Alex Paulsen