2016-17 West San Jose NJB Winter Season Registration now open.

Dear West San Jose NJB Families,

Player registration for the 2016-2017 season is now open for the Rookie and Division/All-Net programs for the West San Jose chapter.  Please read the following for important information regarding the season before proceeding to the registration site link.  Registration for Boys Division and All Net will close on a rolling basis as soon as the maximum number of players per level is reached (see below for further information). We do not anticipate closing registration for Co-ed Rookies or Girls Division and Girls All-Net until September 12.

Fees for the 2016-2017 Season

  • Division 1 (7th and 8th grades): $450 (down from $550 last season)
  • Division 2 (5th and 6th grades): $450
  • Division 3 (3rd and 4th grades): $350 (down from $450 last season)
  • 5th to 8th grade Boys All-Net teams will pay a total of $800. Boys 4th grade All-Net team (new this year) fee and Girls All-Net team fees are TBD
    • Player first registers for Division and pays the Division fee.
    • If a player is selected to an All-Net team, he will then pay the difference between his/her Division fee and the All-Net fee.
  • Next Level Prep (High School Player): $350
    • Registration typically starts in November after high school tryouts are over
  • Rookie player: $350
  • In addition to the above program fees, National NJB will charge a non-refundable $13.50 fee during registration for a player card and insurance. This fee applies regardless of whether your player is confirmed or waitlisted.

Changes this Season

  • All NJB chapters have a new registration system, Sports Engine.  Registration is a 2 step process – players must first register with NJB National and then enter a confirmation code to continue registration with West San Jose NJB.
  • Every player registration will require a parent to sign up for a volunteer job. You can make 2 choices and the WSJ Board will try to assign you to one of those choices, but we obviously cannot have 100 team managers, so you may end up with a different choice. The volunteer buy-out is $100 per player. For example, if division fee is $450, total cost will be $550 with buy-out. After 4 seasons of no mandatory volunteer requirement, we are re-instituting the buy-out due to low volunteerism.  
  • Please be aware that for the first time, the number of available registrations is limited based on the number of committed coaches when registration opens. This applies to all Boys Division levels.
    • 7th  & 8th Grade – 50 Division 1 slots plus 40 All-Net slots (approx. 30 less slots than last season)
    • 5th  & 6th Grade  – 50 Division 2 slots plus 40 All-Net slots (approx. 60 less slots than last season)
    • 3rd & 4th Grade  – 50 Division 3 slots plus 10 All-Net slots (approx. 20 less slots than last season)
  • In conjunction with the above item, an automatic waitlist will be implemented.  Once the system has reached the maximum for each combined Division/All Net level,  players will be automatically placed on a waitlist (WSJ will not accept payment).  If a player is put on the waitlist and they are not called up from the waitlist prior to All-Net tryouts, they will not be able to try out for an All-Net team.  This effectively means that registration will close on a rolling basis.
  • The registration maximum in the system will be increased as parents volunteer to coach.
  • Registration does not guarantee a spot on a team.  Parents who volunteer to coach and parents that volunteer to serve as Board members or other key volunteer positions will receive guaranteed spots on teams.
  • We need parent coaches for all Division and Rookie teams.  To the extent that we do not have a parent coach for a Division team, and we have identified a non-parent who is willing to volunteer their time to coach, the parents will be asked to fund a stipend for such non-parent coach.  In the past, this stipend was covered by WSJ and was generally $1,000 for the coach for the 4 month season of coaching, which works out to $100 per player.  We strongly prefer to have parent coaches, but some seasons our coaching ranks are thin.  This season, for Boys Division 1, without any other parent volunteers – we have 1 parent coach and 4 non-parent coaches, therefore Boys Division 1 parents should assume that although we lowered the Division fee from $550 last season to $450 this season, that after paying the stipend the cost will be the same as last season.
  • Rather than relying solely on pre-season player evaluations, the player evaluations submitted by the coaches at the end of the last season will be used to help the coaches draft Division teams this season, which we believe will enhance the balancing of the Division teams.
  • All teams will have a parent “team manager” who will work with the head coach to ensure the smooth running of the administrative aspect of the teams (uniforms, practice schedule, game schedule, etc.) and will work with volunteer Division co-ordinators to enhance communication among all parents to ensure a successful season for all players.
  • Scholarship/financial assistance will be a flat 50% of the Division registration fee. All scholarship requests should be sent to chapterdirector@westsanjosenjb.com.


  • Before registering, please check to confirm that you live within the boundaries of the West San Jose chapter by reviewing the Boundary Map (orange shaded area):


  • To register, please click on the link below:


Go West San Jose!