Coaches Clinic @ Bellarmine on Sat. Nov 12, 2016


Dear League Commissioner, Athletic Director, or Youth Basketball Coach,

  • How many dribbles does it take for a player to be able to attack the rim with confidence?
  • How many passes does it take for a player to be able to complete a pass while defended hard?
  • How many shots does it take for a player to shoot a high percentage at the FT line?
  • How many times does a play need to be practiced for a team to run it right in a game?
  • How many defensive rotations need to be practiced for a team to swarm drives in a game?
  • How many OB situations need to be practiced for a team to execute under game pressure?
  • How many end game scenarios need to be practiced for teams to be ready to win a close game?

The answer will of course vary for every player and team.  What does not vary: you only find out the number once you get to that number.  And what that truth highlights is this: the more game-speed repetitions you get at practice, the faster you get to the magic number.

The Bellarmine Basketball Annual Coaches Clinic will focus entirely on making the most of every moment of practice to win the race to repetitions.  The 3-hour clinic held from 1-4 pm on Saturday, November 12, will address key habits of well-organized practices that prepare players to compete to the best of their abilities.  These habits are no different than what is required of any good teacher, but as you know, not all your coaches are trained teachers.  And even those who are trained teachers will benefit from the basketball expertise offered through our clinic.

Here is just a partial list of practice habits that will be covered in our clinic…

  • Teaching Excellence
    • Understanding by Design
    • Whole-Part-Whole
    • Sequential Building
  • Skill Excellence
    • Ballhandling
    • Passing and Catching
    • Footwork and Shooting
  • Team Excellence
    • Offensive Execution
    • Principles of Team Defense
    • Special Situations
  • Players of Excellence
    • Building Enthusiasm
    • Building Selflessness
    • Building Care for Others

Besides all the instruction provided on proper technique, the Bellarmine Coaches’ Clinic will present numerous drills that can be incorporated into practices for teams of all abilities.  Whether you are coaching a 4th or 5th grade team playing for the first time or an 8th Grade All-Net or AAU Team, the skills and strategies taught in the clinic will be a huge help to your team.

In addition to serving the needs of those coaching local middle school students, the clinic also acts as a fundraiser for the Pacific Autism Center for Education (PACE).  Make all checks payable to PACE.  The cost is $40 per coach or $125 total for schools that bring four or more coaches.  Please call or e-mail the names of the coaches coming from your school.

Do not hesitate to call if you have any questions about the day.  Please feel free to extend this invitation to other coaches in the area who might not have received this letter (and my apologies if you have received duplicates of this letter and/or no longer serve as athletic director).  I can be reached at (408) 294-9224 x292 or by e-mail at

Finally, while some of you may wish to bring players, league and section rules prohibit grade school and middle school students from attending.  Thank you for respecting these rules and more importantly, thank you for all that you do for the students in your care.


Patrick Schneider

Varsity Basketball Coach

Bellarmine College Preparatory