Picture Day

WSJ Families,

West NJB Picture Day Date : Saturday Jan 21st, 2017

Location : Monroe Middle School – Aux gym (next to the Basketball gym towards the parking lot)

Each player gets a team photo free which is covered under their fees. You do not need to complete an order form for free photos. See attached for sample form.

Picture Day Extra Prints Form 

The order form is only needed to purchase additional photos. The order form is attached and is available online or at the check-in desk on Picture Day. The online link and details are below.


code : WSJNJB2017


Check-In: Please arrive 15 minutes before your team’s picture time. The schedule for your team is on the spreadsheet:



Coaches: Please check-in at the check-in table when you first arrive even before everyone from the team gets there. There are two free coach photos per team which requires the coaches to fill out the forms. The coach will be responsible to let the check-in table know when everyone from the team has arrived. The team needs to line up from shortest to tallest and be ready to go into the waiting area.


Note: No one will be allowed inside the photographer waiting area except for the coaches and the players.

Go West San Jose!