Free-Throw-A-Thon fundraising winners

WSJ Families,

Thank you to all the players, parents, their friends and families for participating in this season’s Free-Throw-A-Thon fundraising effort. Together we raised $9,297 towards the support of scholarship funds! So thank you to everyone!


1. These Top Fundraising teams win a Post-Season Pizza Party at Round Table Pizza:

Coach Familetti’s All Net 5th grade boys team
Coach Lazo’s All Net 4th grade boys team
Coach Thompson’s Division 3 boys team
Coach Cedro’s Division 3 boys team

How to redeem: These teams are to submit their receipt to the Treasurer for reimbursement after the party.

2. These Top Free-throw Percentage teams win a Spalding TF-1000 Ball:

Coach Familetti’s All Net 5th grade boys team
Coach Ngo’s All Net 5th grade girls team
Coach Williams’s Division 1 boys team
Coach Familetti’s Division 3 boys team

How to redeem: Coaches are to contact the Chapter Director for the basketballs.

3. The Best Free Throw Shooter in the WSJ Chapter wins a Spalding TF-1000 Ball:

Brayden Dimick from Coach Dino’s All Net 8th grade boys team

How to redeem: Please contact the Chapter Director for the basketball.

4. These Top Free-Throw Percentage Players win a Dri-Fit Shirt:

Coach Team First Name Last Name
Plancarte Boys AN8A Brayden Dimick
Plancarte Boys AN8A Fredge Arthnin Ramos
Plancarte Boys AN8A Nikhil Narasimhan
Paulsen Boys AN8B RONAK BHAT
Paulsen Boys AN8B Dario Jimenez
Paulsen Boys AN8B Eric Zhu
Hazard Boys AN6B-1 Isaiah Muniz
Hazard Boys AN6B-1 Anujan Tennathur
Hazard Boys AN6B-1 Cole Dimick
Hazard Boys AN6B-1 Nathan Cutaran
Familetti Boys AN5 Ethan Familetti
Welsh WSD1B01 Clem Welsh
Tang WSD1B02 Yuki Kather
Williams WSD1B05 Christopher Chen
Rubi WSD1B03 Anvith Vobbilisetty
Rubi WSD1B03 Arul Trivedi
Williams WSD1B05 Andrew Chang
Nix WSD2B04 Ryan Nix
Baltonado WSD2B07 Tanay Bartwal
Daga WSD2B03 Siddhanth Iyer
Leong WSD2B01 Ching Lin
Nix WSD2B04 Pranav Durbha
Cedro WSD3B03 sunvith jinkal
Gourisetty WSD3B04 Varun Sriram
Familetti WSD3B01 Justin Familetti
Familetti WSD3B01 Kushan Tata
Gourisetty WSD3B04 Nikhil Gourisetty
Mower WSD2G01 Shreya Prakash
Mower WSD2G01 Pavana pragna Bathula
Calvo WSD1G01 Riya Ranjan
Calvo WSD1G01 Lakshmi Talapaneni
Vij WSD3G02 Natalie Mazzone
Steele WSD3G01 Sanya Mhatre
Ngo Girls AN5 Siara Nason
Peters Girls AN7 Lily Hyun

How to redeem: Please pickup a Dri-Fit Shirt from the Fundraising table at Picture Day on Saturday, Jan 21st between 10 am and 1:30 pm.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Go West San Jose.