Gym schedule for month of Nov starting Sat Nov 2nd

Dear Parents,

Practices are starting this Saturday and here is the schedule for the month of November only. Coaches will update on schedule for later dates (Dec thru Feb). Please download the Sportsengine mobile app as it will be the way to communicate within the teams, coaches, practice schedules, player availability for practice and games and game schedules.

Schedule for Nov:

Some of you were asking about teams that your kid belongs too so here is the link again for the teams and the roster as well as the Coach’s name. Some of the teams still don’t have a coach and we are still trying to find coaches. Please let us know if you know anyone who can coach from your contacts.

Team rosters:

Coaches should have reached out to their teams by now and we will assign a Team parent, Scorekeeper and Schedule keeper for each team as some of you have volunteered for the role and if you haven’t yet have one of these roles for your team, please volunteer to make it easier for us to manage this season.

Thanks and please contact your coaches for more information going forward and then reach out to us in case of questions.

Game schedules will be published middle of Nov and are supposed to start the weekend before Thanksgiving but not confirmed yet.


Go WSJ!!