General Topics

Q: Does NJB pays any salary to its board?

A: No! The National Junior Basketball West San Jose is a 501(c)3 non-for-profit organization. Our tax ID is 77-0407718. Everyone working at the National Junior Basketball West San Jose is a volunteer and does not receive a salary for his/her work.

Q: Is my player fee tax deductible?

A: No! The fee for your son/daughter to participate in our program is not tax deductible. If we call for a special fundraising event unrelated to your child’s participation in our program then those donations are 100% tax deductible.  Our tax ID is 77-0407718.

Q: Does NJB need my help?

A: Yes! WSJ NJB is a non-profit volunteer-run organization. The success of the season rests on the involvement of volunteers. It takes a lot of work to run the league, and we are severely understaffed. Please consider helping us, and if you can’t, please be patient with and appreciative of those that do. We need working committee members and coaches.
You don’t have to have children in the league to be on a working committee or coach. You also don’t have to be a working committee member or a coach to help out. There are always short-term tasks which could use your help. See our Volunteering page for more details, or contact volunteers AT westsanjosenjb.com to help out.

Q: What teams does NJB have?

A: NJB has teams for different age groups and gender. NJB does not have co-ed teams. Within the older age groups, there are select traveling teams called All-Net. See the next questions for more details about All-Net and High School.

The regular “Division” teams are divided as follows:

  • Boys Division 1, 7th/8th grade
  • Boys Division 2, 5th/6th grade
  • Boys Division 3, 3rd/4th grade
  • Girls Division 1, 7th/8th grade
  • Girls Division 2, 5th/6th grade
  • Girls Division 3, 3rd/4th grade

The All-Net Teams are divided as follows:

  • Boys All Net, 8th grade
  • Boys All Net, 7th grade
  • Boys All Net, 6th grade
  • Boys All Net, 5th grade
  • Boys All Net, 4th grade
  • Girls All Net, 8th grade
  • Girls All Net, 7th grade
  • Girls All Net, 6th grade
  • Girls All Net, 5th grade

We also have Next Level Prep Division for boys in grade 9-12.

We also offer a Rookie league for grades under 3rd grade and players which are new to basketball.

Q: What is a Rookie League?

A: The West San Jose NJB Rookie Program was created to provide a development program for players who are entering NJB ( 1st, 2nd and some 3rd grade ) with little or no basketball experience and who would benefit from participating in a structured program with a focus on skills development, basketball fundamentals and structured game time instructed by trained and certified coaches. One practice per week beginning in the middle of November, game Rookie Season beginning in December postseason Playoff Tournament in February. Players which choose to try out for division 3 who cannot consistently demonstrate the skills required for division play will be given the options to join the rookie program instead.

Q: What is All-Net?

A: All-Net is a more competitive program that utilizes high-school rules. Players must be selected to make the All-Net teams. Tryouts for All-Net teams are open to everyone registered. Tryouts are usually in mid-October. Players selected to All-Net are required to pay an additional fee.

Q: What about Next Level Prep Division?

A: We do field Next Level Prep Division (high school age) boys teams that play against other Silicon Valley NJB chapters. Registration typically starts in November after the high schools have made their cuts.

Q: How are Division teams created?

A: All players are evaluated for the Division teams. The main reason for evaluation is to evenly balance the teams. Attending evaluation is no guaranty for being placed on a team. Also we make every effort to place every child on a team it depends on the number of volunteer coaches we can attack. Evaluations are usually in mid-October. Players which choose to try out for division 3 who cannot consistently demonstrate the skills required for division play will be given the options to join the rookie program instead. If the player moves from the division into the rookie program the fee difference (if any) between the two programs will be reimbursed.

Q: When are games played?

A: Games are played on Sundays.

Q: What about practices?

A: Teams start practicing typically in the beginning of November. Practices are typically at local middle schools. Our goal is to provide about 2 practices per week depending on gym availability. Because schedules tend to change, we cannot promise any certain practice days or locations at the time of registration. In many cases one practice will be mid week and one will be on Saturday.

Q: Can I request my son/daughter be assigned a practice location near my home/office?

A: No, we can’t support those requests. The player’s geographical location is not taken into account when forming teams. Fortunately, our practice gyms are centrally located within our chapter so this tends to works out fine for most players.

Q: Can I request my son/daughter be assigned specific practice days during the week?

A: No, we can’t support these type of requests. The practice schedule is not determined ahead of time and it would not be practical to accommodate individual player schedules. Practice schedules can also vary a bit from week to week, based on the availability of the gyms which the chapter rents.

Q: When do the games start?

A: Games typically start the first Sunday in December. Regular season games are on Sundays usually at Bay Area middle and high schools. NJB has ten Sundays of games for the Division teams’ regular season. Accounting for holiday breaks, the regular season typically ends in mid-February. All-Net has a couple more games in the regular season, so they play until late-February.

Q: Against whom do we play?

A: Division teams play against Division teams from our Chapter and against Division teams in other Silicon Valley Section chapters. All-Net teams play against All-Net teams of other Silicon Valley Section chapters.

Q: What is the Silicon Valley Section?

A: West San Jose NJB and several other Chapters in the area comprise the Silicon Valley Section. Other Chapters include Palo Alto, Coyote Creek, Almaden, Evergreen, Redwood City, Berryessa, Hollister, Saratoga, Los Gatos, Foothill, and Willow Glen.

Q: Do I live within the West San Jose Chapter Boundary?

A: Refer to the Boundary Map page for the detailed area and zip codes that comprise our territory..

Q: What is a waiver?

A: When a player wants to play outside the Chapter in which he/she lives, a waiver must be obtained. Both Chapters must agree to and sign the waiver. The player should be sure to register in their home chapter in case the waiver is not granted. Waivers are strongly discouraged by West San Jose and are not normally granted.

Q: Is financial assistance available?

A: Yes. Please refer to our Financial Assistance page for details.

Q: How long is the season?

A: Practices start in November. Games start in December. Regular season games are scheduled into February. Post-season games can last from February into the first part of April depending on how the team does.

Q. Lost & Found?

A. If you have lost anything at an NJB practice or game, please contact our Gym Managers to see if they have it. The email address is: gymmanagers AT westsanjosenjb.com.

Registration Topics

Q: How much does it cost?

A: The cost can vary each season depending on gym rental fees an various other factors. We announce the fee structure in July about a month before registration opens.  Players chosen for All-Net or All-Star will pay and additional fee to accommodate the longer season and more games.

Q: What is my fee paying for?

Below is a typical seasons percentage break down (based on FY 2014-2015) of our expenses paid by your fee. Please click on image to see an enlarged version of the graphic.

Q: When can I register?

A: Registration usually starts in August. Keep checking the website as the date approaches. Also, make sure to join our Email List to say informed when registration opens. High-school NJB registration usually starts the first week of November.

Q: What do I need to register?

A: In addition to the registration form, we will need a copy of the player’s birth certificate and a copy of a current utility bill with current address. These documents will be verified by our registration staff during walk-in registration, then be returned to you. Applications must be signed by a parent or legal guardian. Rookie league is not limited to the chapter boundary and does not require address verification.

Q: How can I find the proper registration form?

A: We must receive the signed registration/waiver form for your child to participate. Unfortunately our registration system doesn’t make it clear which form to print. If you need to login again and print the correct form, see these instructions:

Q: I am on the wait-list for registration, what should I do?

A: You should still go to the evaluations for your age group. If someone else drops out, we may pull you off the wait-list. If you did not go to the evaluation, you lose your spot on the wait-list! If you are interested in All-Net, you can also go to the All-Net tryout.

Q: What is the registration priority for new and returning players?

A: Children of board members and returning families have the highest priority. Siblings of returning players (e.g., had had a brother or sister play on a West San Jose team in a previous season) have the next highest priority. Players who qualify for an All-Net team also have additional priority over others. Players who reside within the chapter boundaries have priority over those with waivers who do not. Registration priority will be lost for any of the groups above if all documents and full payment are not received by the deadline. Families that do not fulfill their volunteer responsibilities will lose their priority for the next season.

For new players their relative priority with other new families will be the date and time of their online registration. It should be noted that any prioritization listed above is only done for players who complete their registration requirements correctly (e.g. payment, and attend evaluations). For new players who do not fall into one of the categories described above, registration priority is based on the time of registration (i.e., the earlier the registration, the higher the priority). If the Chapter needs an additional coach and one of the parents is eligible to coach, the child will be moved up in priority. Lastly, if a parent steps up to fill a voting board member position and the existing board agrees that parent is qualified to take on that position, that child will be moved up in priority.