Next Level Prep Division (9th grade and above)

Next Level Prep Division Registration will open in November 2017.

This program is intended for those boys who are not playing for their high school team. (CCS rules state that players cannot play for their school and an outside league at the same time.)

Our program has two levels of play:

  • Lower Division: 9th/10th grades
  • Higher Division: 11th/12th grades

These teams practice one to two times a week and play games on Sundays. There are 2 games in December, 8 games in January/February, then a season-ending tournament.

The Next Level Prep Division Program games are played with normal high school rules.  There are four quarters and open substitution.  The Lower Division teams play four seven (7) minute quarters, and the Higher Division teams plays four eight (8) minute quarters. The one exception from high school rules is that there is no shot clock.

Unlike the Division and All-Net programs, the Next Level Prep Division does not have any boundaries.  The players are able to select the Chapter that has room for them or is most convenient due to its location. Players may sign up as individuals and indicate if they have a coach or player preference.

For any questions about the Next Level Prep Division program, please contact our coordinator at: NextLevelPrep AT

Step 1: Registration and Payment – coming in Nov 2017

Step 2: Send Paperwork

Please send your paperwork to (make sure you include the name Erin Hazard):

EACA c/o Erin Hazard
PO Box 64572
Sunnyvale, CA 94088

Paperwork needed:

For any problems with registration, please contact our coordinator at