Next Level Prep Division (9th grade and above)

Next Level Prep Division Registration is now Closed.

This program is intended for those boys who are not playing for their high school team. (CCS rules state that players cannot play for their school and an outside league at the same time.)

The Next Level Prep Division Program games are played with normal high school rules.  There are four quarters and open substitution.  Both Divisions play four eight (8) minute quarters.  There is no shot clock.

Unlike the Division and All-Net programs, the Next Level Prep Division does not have any boundaries.  The players are able to select the Chapter that has room for them or is most convenient due to its location. Players may sign up as individuals and indicate if they have a coach or player preference.

Games are on Sundays and are usually played at Santa Clara High School.  There is a Post Season Tournament in February.

Practices are once a week for 90 minutes.  Due to lack of gym availability, WSJ cannot guarantee indoor practice time.  Teams may have to organize their own practice times/locations. If we can find more gym time, we will let everyone know. The registration fee has been reduced to take into account the lack of indoor practice availability from $460 to $360.

Players will have to purchase uniforms.  If the player is returning as has the uniform from last year (ONLY) he will not have to purchase one.  The cost for a new jersey is $30, the cost for new shorts is $30.  These will not have to be turned in at the end of the season, they are yours to keep.

Games are on Sundays and start on 12/9  for 7 games. Post-season games are on weekend of February – 2/9.

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Step 2: Send Paperwork

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